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Clive Thomas

The adventurous life of Mr Clive Thomas has been jam-packed with a myriad of experiences across the globe. Clive hails from the quaint town of Wellingborough, north of London, England. Despite the cheerful weather, Clive set sail for a life of exploration and adventure which finally led him to Sydney, Australia.

When Clive was not sailing the Caribbean or touring continents on two wheels, he found time to study and acquire a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Graduate Certificate in Education. A happy work life balance allowed Clive to further his education through a Certificate IV in TESOL and a Diploma in Modern Languages.

Clive has a profound ability to make the English language come alive for both children and adults alike. With over 20 years’ experience in various educational fields, Clive draws on unique life experiences to inspire the younger generations with his literature.

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Books By Clive Thomas

Browse through Clive’s works inspired by his faith in Jesus Christ, and his travel throughout Europe, Australia, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Camp Caribbean book by clive thomas

Camp Caribbean

As a young English Teacher fresh out of college, Richard Williams is struggling in his chosen profession. Seeking adventure and escape he heads for the Caribbean as a leader on a teenage camp. Set amongst the vivid landscape of the Virgin Islands, Camp Caribbean is a humorous adventure based on the true story of one mans attempt to find meaning in life.

The prodigal book by clive thomas

The Prodigal

The Prodigal is a modern interpretation of the parable of the Lost Son. Set in outback New South Wales and Kings Cross, Sydney, the story centres on Jake Hill, a young farmer with dreams of experiencing the glitz and glamour of city life. Selling up his portion of his inheritance, he heads to Sydney for the start of a new life, only to discover that along with the excitement, life in the city is full of pitfalls.

Travelling Tales book by clive thomas

Travelling Tales

Travelling Tales is a candid compilation of stories, anecdotes and adventures collected from the author’s travels around the world. Each story is honestly portrayed with humour and emotion. A great read for travellers and armchair travellers alike.


Camp Caribbean is clearly written from the heart of a passionate sailor with real firsthand experience of adventuring in the caribbean. 



Travelling Tales is a humorous retelling of real adventure stories. It’s enjoyable to read and the descriptions make you feel like you are there.



The Prodigal is a classic work of Christian Fiction based on the Bibles Prodigal Son parable. The re-telling is unique to Australian culture, yet sincerely heartfelt, drawing readers closer to God.


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