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'39 ship in the storm book and kindle clive thomas


’39 The Ship In The Storm


Massachusetts, November 2039. During a ferocious storm, the Coast Guard is dispatched to assist a vessel on what should have been a routine rescue. Instead, they discover a ship that has not been since 1939.

With outlandish claims of a secret war-time mission, the captain and crew of HMS Aurelia are quarantined, while governments on both sides of the Atlantic determine to uncover the truth. But the truth is more bizarre and implausible than they can possibly imagine, along with a secret held since World War II.

Can the Royal Navy save Aurelia and affect her escape, or will the US government learn the truth for themselves and detain the ship for good? As relations between the two nations sink to an all-time low, time is running out for Aurelia and her crew.

Travelling Tales Book and Kindle Clive Thomas


Travelling Tales


Travelling Tales is a candid compilation of stories, anecdotes and adventures collected from the author’s travels around the world. Each story is honestly portrayed with humour and emotion. A great read for travellers and armchair travellers alike.

Camp Caribbean book and kindle clive thomas


Camp Caribbean


As a young English teacher fresh out of college, Richard Williams is struggling in his chosen profession. Seeking adventure and escape he heads for the Caribbean as a leader on a teenage camp. Set amongst the vivid landscape of the virgin islands, Camp Caribbean is a humorous adventure based on the true story of one man’s attempt to find meaning in life.

The Prodigal book and kindle clive thomas


The Prodigal


The Prodigal is a modern interpretation of the parable of the Lost Son. Set in outback New South Wales and Kings Cross, Sydney, the story centres on Jake Hill, a young farmer with dreams of experiencing the glitz and glamour of city life. Selling up his portion of his inheritance, he heads to Sydney for the start of a new life, only to discover that along with the excitement, life in the city is full of pitfalls. With one mistake after another, Jake finds his life rapidly spiralling out of control. Penniless and destitute, Jake experiences life as one of Sydney’s homeless, until one chance encounter offers him hope.

Tour De France Clive Thomas


The Tour de France


The Tour de France is an international, world renowned, annual cycle race that attracts millions of spectators and viewers from over 200 countries across the globe. Full of trials, tests and challenges, the Tour is not only one of the toughest endurance events in the world, but one full of unusual rules, quirky traditions, ecitement, colour, and the most amazing scenery.

The Tour de France – an illustrated guide takes it’s readers on a journey through the dynamic world of the Tour de France.

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