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About Clive

Clive grew up in a quaint town called Wellingborough, in the United Kingdom. He is the fourth child to a respected family and brother to five siblings.

As a young lad Clive participated in many sports and activities including sailing, cycling and listening to music. He completed his education at Weavers Comprehensive School, where he participated in many of the school’s Music and Drama productions. Clive then went on to study English Literature at Swansea University, before completing his teaching certificate at Sussex University, Brighton.

Clive departed “sunny old England” and settled in Australia over three decades ago. He became a born again christian, husband to one, father of two and grandfather to five.

Over the years Clive has travelled to more than 25 different countries and had over 20 different occupations. He has authored 6 books and written several entertaining speeches for important social events.

Clive has achieved many qualifications over his lifetime thus far, including a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, followed by a Graduate Certificate in Education. A happy work life balance allowed Clive to further his education while maintaining time for family and his many interests. All of these qualifications simply add to his effective ability to make an impact on the lives of his readers and the people around him.

Clive has many recreational interests, such as playing piano, cycling and sailing. Clive has participated in several cycling events, raising awareness and more than $1,500 for various charities.

Likewise, his passion for sailing extends beyond his own enjoyment of cruising the waterways of Sydney. Clive volunteers on a weekly basis with Making Waves Foundation, a charity that provides sailing and life skills to disadvantaged teens. As part of the Winds of Change program, Clive was a 2021 recipient of the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award.

Clive utilises all of his life experiences and passions to bring inspirational, heartfelt literature to his readers.

Books By Clive Thomas

Browse through Clive’s other works inspired by his faith in Jesus Christ and his travel throughout Europe, Australia the Americas and the Caribbean. We will alert you as new books are ready to purchase.

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’39 The Ship In The Storm

Massachusetts, November 2039. During a ferocious storm, the Coast Guard is dispatched to assist a vessel on what should have been a routine rescue. Instead, they discover a ship that has not been since 1939.

With outlandish claims of a secret war-time mission, the captain and crew of HMS Aurelia are quarantined, while governments on both sides of the Atlantic determine to uncover the truth. But the truth is more bizarre and implausible than they can possibly imagine, along with a secret held since World War II.

Camp Caribbean book Clive Thomas

Camp Caribbean

As a young English Teacher fresh out of college, Richard Williams is struggling in his chosen profession. Seeking adventure and escape he heads for the Caribbean as a leader on a teenage camp. Set amongst the vivid landscape of the Virgin Islands, Camp Caribbean is a humorous adventure based on the true story of one mans attempt to find meaning in life.

The prodigal book Clive Thomas

The Prodigal

The Prodigal is a modern day retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son. Set in rural NSW and the city of Sydney, Australia, the story is a compelling narative that focuses on the temptation we all face to leave what we know behind, in search of excitement and adventure. This story will appeal to young adults and those for whom the search for greener grass is a constant temptation.

Tour De France Clive Thomas

The Tour de France

– an illustrated guide

The Tour de France is an international, world renowned, annual cycle race that attracts millions of spectators and viewers from over 200 countries across the globe. Full of trials, tests and challenges, the Tour is not only one of the toughest endurance events in the world, but one full of unusual rules, quirky traditions, ecitement, colour, and the most amazing scenery.

The Tour de France – an illustrated guide takes its readers on a journey through the dynamic world of the Tour de France.


Clive has accomplished many achievments in his life, some acknowledged, others not. Here are some of the highlights.

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NSW Volunteer Of The Year Award 2021

Clive was awarded the NSW Volunteer Of The Year Award as part of the Making Waves Foundation, Winds Of Change Team that creates personal growth in disadvantaged young people through the teaching of sailing skills.

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Philippians 1:21

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.


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